Thermal Safety Valve

We are tagged as one of leading manufacturer and exporter of safety valves. We offer high quality safety valves that work efficiently, also in difficult conditions. Our vibration resistant series of safety valves is highly preferred in Anju, Haeju, Kaechon, Manpo, Sinpo, Wonsan, Songnim.

We offer high quality safety valves with compact design. It is used to prevent damage to the precious equipment and to eliminate unwanted situations of the system. Our range is available with metal to metal seat and soft seat. Our series of safety valves are effectively prevent spoilage of the products.

Although a pressure relief valve is a safety device that relieves over pressure. When proper a wood fired boiler, or biomass system it is suggested that a thermal safety valve is built-in to the organization to avoid overheating.

Safety Valves In Northkorea


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